Friday, April 9, 2010

Three Things....


We love these kids so much

Monday, April 5, 2010

Damon- Daddy Day!

So for the past year or so Saturdays have been referred to around here as "Damon Daddy Days". Mike works very hard for our little family, which results in us not seeing him as often as we would like to during the the weekends are a big deal, especially for Damon now that he is able to join Mike in most of his hobbies....skiing, golfing, biking, and just playing like a kid (or big kid) does! Mike always prefers to do these hobbies with Damon right along side him.

Last Saturday Mike, Damon, and a group of close friends rode their bikes down to DC to enjoy the AMAZING weather, and see the cherry blossoms.
(Damon, Sienna, Dana, Heather, Gavin)

Mike and Damon downtown, Washington Monument

Damon, Lincoln Memorial

Damon & Sienna, ice cream break!

This was about mile 4 for Damon, and he loved getting a little push on the neck from his Dad

I just love this picture
Our good friends....Mike, Richard, Damon, Dana, Heather, and Gavin and Sienna in the comfy trailer.
Yes, we all think Mike and Richard look so cute in this picture!
Everyone had so much fun...and I sat home with my Brixton...I couldn't complain much about that!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

National Kite Festival!

Some friends of ours told us that the National Kite Festival was going on last weekend, so we actually decided to be head down. We have been really bad about taking advantage of all the fun things that go on in DC, so we were happy to join the crowds down at the National Mall. We left early in the morning to take Damon to a skate park in Arlington to ride his bike....then drove to the city.

This must have been a good gust of wind for there to be that many kites in the air. It was NOT a very windy day....
but still fun to be out together
Mike and Damon setting up their kite
Damon and sweet little Hannah. It was great to meet up with such a big group of friends....(no pictures to prove it...but we had 5 or 6 families in our group)

Unfortunately, this was what the sky looked like for most of the day....notice...2 kites in the air.