Thursday, June 28, 2012

Damon Damon Damon

My sweet Damon.....You are 7 years old.  Seems like yesterday I was walking over to the Bakery behind our apartment in Bethesda to buy you this giant cupcake with green frosting....getting ready to celebrate your first birthday. The time has flown by.  You are one seriously energetic, motivated, creative, fantastic kid, and I feel really lucky that you are my little guy. 


Damon's 7!

All I can say is Thank Heavens for Skype.  Damon woke up on his birthday, and we were able to Skype with Mike who was in NY for his internship.  Damon was able to open his presents and show his dad on the computer - seriously love technology. 

We had a small party with the boys from Damon's church class, water games in the back....more like water fights for an hour, snacks, cake, and.... FLUBBER.  Yes, it's way better than play dough.  

I was so excited to take Damon to this hibaci place for his birthday dinner....and was so glad that Maren, Leah, and baby Kate could join us!  I mean, they were our dinner dates for the entire month of June! It was a fantastic night. 
Damon and Leah LOVED watching the chef cook up all of our food.  They were so amazed.  So sorry about my lack of camera skills. 

I was not surprised that Brixton ate shrimp....but Damon!  So proud of this picky picky eater! 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mount Snow

The third week in June Mike came home from NY for the weekend, and we were determined to spend Saturday together as a whole family....even if it meant that Brixton and I had to join Mike and Damon on a mtn biking outing (2 hours away in Vermont).  I did my best to be a good, supportive wife and mother.....and it turned out to be a really fun day.  We went to a resort called Mount Snow, and it happened to be the Northeastern States Finals for some crazy mountain bike it was a busy, fun place to be. 

 Damon was ready....full face helmet and all. 
 A short rest?  yes please. 
 This was my view for literally HOURS that day. Walking around dirt roads and trails with Brixton while the other two rode the chairlift up and rode their bikes down. 
 one more break time.  :)
 Waiting in line for the chair lift. Brixton thought he'd sneak right in. 
Mike and Damon riding the chairlift up.  Not sure if you can really see them or not.  :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012


visitors! Back in June my sister-in-law, Hollie, had a work conference in Boston, and they decided to make a whole New England trip out of it and spend a few extra days with us in New Hampshire.  We absolutely LOVED having them here.  They had also visited us in Maryland, and were able to appreciate how much more space we have here than we did there.  :).  (ex., they had a room to sleep in, instead of our couch).   
It was so great to see them with their sweet cousin Daria.  She's the oldest grandchild on my side, and absolutely loves all of her little cousins. Even if the next 6 grandkids are boys! 

we love movie night. 

We hiked down to Quechee Gorge, then watched a massive rain storm roll in. 

 Brixton and his cute aunt Hollie
 a couple of little explorers
 Uncle Zack making sure Brixton doesn't feel left out.  Thanks Z. 
 Then  Mike came in town!  yea!  We all went canoeing down the Connecticut River, and found a rope swing that Mike and Daria both dared.  Daria did the swing.  Mike climbed up higher and just jumped out of a huge tree.  I'll look for the videos. 
Yea for families coming to visit! Love you guys! 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Retts Syndrome Walk-A-Thon

Coming to New Hampshire, we have been able to meet some pretty amazing people.  Actually, a lot of amazing people.  People who will be our friends for life.  One of these amazing families is the Layton's.  They have a fantastic little girl named Leah.  Leah has a disability that is called Rett Syndrome.  All I can say about little Leah is that there is a twinkle in her eye that I have never seen, or probably will ever see from another human being.   She and her family have taught me so much about life, patience, and love that I feel like a different, better, person for knowing them.      

 We were able to be able to join them for a Rett Syndrome Walk-a-Thon in Cape Cod, MA.  Mike was already in NY for his internship, and was really disappointed to miss it... but it was a great little road trip for the boys and myself, and a great distraction from their dad starting a long summer internship.

Damon LOVES Leah and LOVES to make her laugh.   I explained to him what this "walk-a-thon" was for, and why we were going to show our support.  He thought it was fantastic, and said "I should make a sign to carry around while we walk!"  I got Brixton asleep in our hotel, and Damon got all set up to make his poster.  He came up with the slogan...and who knew he could draw block letters! 

That's skinny Maren after having a baby 2 1/2 weeks before earlier.

Rocking our Team Leah Bean t-shirts
Brixton almost had a heart attack when he saw Mickey Mouse.   I have a problem with this. 

Damon and Leah....probably watching Kung Fu Panda together. 

Maren, Leah's mom, is not only a big blogger, she is an amazing writer.   She is honest about the struggles that they deal with each day, but in the most inspiring way.   We felt very lucky to be a part of this weekend with them.  Miss Leah holds a very special place in all of the Holbrook hearts out here.