Thursday, March 24, 2011

Skate Night!

Last weekend Damon's school had a "Skate Night" at the ice skating rink. Damon had never been ice skating before, and was a actually kind of nervous. He had been talking about it for over a month, and was so excited that his cute teacher was going to be there. All day long he was asking us questions about ice skating, and really wanted to know how to stop! It was hilarious. He had a rough start (first trying to learn in hockey skates) - that WAS NOT going very well, so we switched him to regular ice skates, and he did so much better. Here are just a couple of pictures that his teacher emailed me.

He now asks me everyday to take him ice skating. Typical.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Thanks to our super awesome friends, Shannon and her son Trey, I was able to take Damon to a Washington Wizards game. Shannon has got some major connections and got a bunch of tickets....So Shannon, Trey, Me, Damon, Rebecca, her son Miles, and two more little friends Pete, and Nick all headed downtown to the game.

Nick, Damon, Trey, Pete, and Miles
Yes. We got there early. After the total chaos of getting 5 hyper little boys from the parking garage into the arena...they actually totally behaved!
dinner. :)
we had some awesome seats. (Thanks Shan!)
dessert time....cotton candy, or dippin dots?
um..cotton candy please
If you can't tell...Damon was in total heaven the entire time.

Every mascot from every team in the DC area was at this game. Since the kids were some of the only little kids in the lower part of the arena, they got a lot of attention from them.
and yes...Damon might have punched George Washington in the crotch.

I think this is the mascot from the WNBA team...??
We had such a great time. Thanks again to our awesome friends for such a fun night! I finally got to be the "fun parent"!

p.s. they even actually won the game!