Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Daddy...You know what I always dream about?.....

A few weeks ago we were all just driving along when Damon said "Daddy? You know what I always dream about? SPORTS!!!"

We thought it was pretty cute, and it did not surprise us one bit to hear him say that. This kid really is obsessed with sports. Although we complain that he doesn't show as much interest in other things as we would like him to, we do love that he loves sports.

his first day skiing

i need new pictures of him on his bike. He goes up ramps and off curbs now.

he gets down in this position and tells me we are going to play "ready hike", rather that just playing catch.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So about a half hour ago my little baby was getting I looked at the clock and thought - alright, it's bedtime.  So I wrapped him up tight, gave him a kiss and tucked him in.  I heard him babbling for a while, then it was quiet.  I went into my room, excited to be going to bed early...I looked in his bassinet...and this is what I got back.  A wide awake - VERY happy baby.  Gosh I love him.  

Friday, September 18, 2009

Mike's trip, 2009

In August Mike went on his annual trip with his old roommate Connor.  This year Mike flew out to Seattle, a group of them drove up to Canada, took a ferry out to Vancouver Island, then kayaked out to the Barkley Sound and set up their camp.   There was a group of about 8 people and they hung out on these islands all week long.   They went on long kayak adventures, and saw tons of sea lions,  and a few hump back whales.  Amazingly, Mike said the sea lions were actually a lot scarier than the whales.  The whales were only about 100 feet away and they would come half way out of the water.  Damon LOVED hearing all of Mike's stories and had so many questions for him.  Here are just a few pictures....

a ton of sea lions

now that's manly!  ughhh! 

see the low clouds

Mike and Connor

Connor with a new little friend
Mike and Connor
Mike works so hard every day to provide for our family...I think I look forward to this trip as much as he does because I know how much fun it is for him.  I love him so much and I'm glad this trip was a successful one.   Until next time! 

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


  I have been so bad about blogging lately!  But this is just a quick and simple post with a few pictures.  

   Everyone that sees our Brixton makes a comment about his huge eyes.  Yes, we know they are big...but we just laugh that EVERYONE that sees him mentions it.   His eyes have earned him the nickname of Bugsy  

I love this picture.  He's such a goof

The big brother telling Brixton a story.   He looks very interested

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Yes, that is Damon with the red face.  This was the first time he's ever had his face was so weird to not really recognize him.  Our own little Spiderman....with his sweet little friend Sienna. 

they thought each other were pretty funny