Monday, July 23, 2012

Road Trip to Idaho?

So....a year or two after I moved from Utah to Maryland, my little sister, Tara, and her husband moved to small town Idaho.   Even with both of our moves, we were able to see each other probably twice a year when we would both be in Utah.  We always tried to make sure that our trips would overlap so that we'd be sure to see each other.  During my trip to Utah this summer....I was chatting with my mom a couple of days after my sister had gone home,  and I said "what if we take a road trip to T's house?".  My mom had been thinking the same thing!  They have lived there for 6 years, and I had never been to her house!  So...a couple days later we drove up.  
The porch swing.  
 The boys had just been playing together the week before, which I actually think made them more excited to see each other again so soon. 

When my mom was growing up, she had an aunt and uncle that lived right on Payette Lake in McCall, Idaho.  Going there was her summer vacation, EVERY SUMMER.  It just so happens to be about an hour and a half from where my sister lives, so we made sure to make it part of our trip.  My mom just got to sit in the shade, hold her brand new granddaughter, and watch 4 of her nutty grandsons play in the lake.   She said it was one of the best moments of her life.  One of these years we will get ALL the grandkids up there.  I'm sure that will top this memory! 

 My mom is standing in her aunt's old backyard.  They've since passed away, and a while back they sold the house to a family thankfully it didn't seem to strange when my mom and I showed up, walked to the backyard and started taking pictures.  We spoke to the new owners, my mom talked about her many, many memories in that yard, and on that dock, and on that old houseboat!  It was really neat to be there with my mom and hear her stories from when she was 3 years old! 
 T, mom, and me.  (just missing my big bro and sis)
 so grateful for subway sandwiches.  :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Utah / DC / Utah friends

I love having good friends.  I love having good friends, that you knew and loved in college.  Then I love when two of those good friends marry each other.  It's even better when those two friends end up moving 2000 miles away from Utah and end up living 25 minutes away from me (us in Maryland, them in Virginia) .  To top if off, they have 3 little boys, and if it can even get better than that.....our boys play REALLY well together!   

They recently moved BACK to Utah, but that works for me, because I'll probably be visiting Utah as often and I visit Maryland, so it works out great.  We HAD to see them while we were there.  They never disappoint.  Besides having family in Utah, it's having friends like this that make the thought of *eventually* moving back to Utah a little sweeter.   Love you Syndi, Reed, Jake, Cole, and Luke.  :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Grandma Andy is 90!

One of the best parts about being in Utah in July is that we get to attend my grandma's big birthday party.  It's the only time that almost EVERYONE gets together anymore.  I missed it for quite a few years because we'd usually go out on our trip in June, but we have been able to be there for the last two years.  This year was a big one...this sweet little lady turned 90!  She is absolutely one of the most amazing, wittiest, smartest, humblest, and funniest people I have ever known.  I feel so lucky to be her granddaughter, and I feel even more lucky that my boys know her and love her so much.  

 my dad, my boys, and my sweet sweet grandma
 I love this picture
 one of my favorites.  I love this lady so much
 My cousin Nicole and I.  Oh the laughs we've had. 
 a big party calls for a big moon bounce/water slide, right?  
This party is a blast.  My aunt and uncle have 5 or 6 pools that they fill up, they have a fantastically huge back yard, they rent a bounce house, and the kids have SO MUCH FUN.   Lucky her birthday is in the middle of the summer in Utah....a water party is always a perfect fit. 

Last time I checked I think my grandma has 34 great-grandkids.  Talk about posterity.  Love that lady

Friday, July 13, 2012

Utah Trip and what we LOVE

The following pictures are just a totally unorganized, variety of things that we did on our trip to Utah this summer.....

WE LOVE grandma and grandpa's sandbox
GRANDMA and GRANDPA LOVE having grandkids to pick their raspberries!  
 MY BOYS LOVE sticking to east coast time, and are outside and ready to play by 7:00 a.m. mountain time. 
 THESE BOYS just LOVE each other, and do not see each other often enough! 
 I LOVE this new little niece of mine! 
 BRIXTON LOVES when Grandpa (who is blind, mind you) gets down on his hands and knees to build block towers for you to knock over
 DAMON LOVES his new little cousin! 
 THE ADULTS love when all the kids just sit down and color for a few minutes! 
 DAMON LOVES helping Grandpa pick potatoes from the garden.  This is actually a special thing that they do together every summer. It melts my heart. 
 BRIXTON LOVES veggies, and really wanted to eat these unripened tomatoes.  

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Girl Time....

I feel so lucky to have such a fun extended family.  Whenever I am in town, which luckily is usually when my little sister is also in town, they rearrange their schedules so that we can all get together.  My aunt has two daughters, and a new daughter-in-law, who I hadn't met.... so we all got together and had a really fun, relaxed, dinner at my cousin's house. 

 my sis Tara, cousin, Suz, cousin Stacy, sis Rachel, me, Aunt Anne, my mom, and new cousin-in-law, Laura.  Such a fun night. 
 the kiddo's.  Sophie, Gracie, Carter, Max, Cooper, Brixton, and Brayden.  Damon was camping with my in-laws, and he made me promise that we wouldn't do anything fun while he was gone.  Whoops, this was fun.  Sorry bud. 
 These kids were having so much fun together....and seriously cracking each other up.

Monday, July 2, 2012


So grateful for this sweet friend who made me feel very loved on my birthday.  She told me weeks before my birthday that she and I were going to do 'something', it didn't matter what, but that she'd pay for a babysitter to make sure we did something.  The rest of our clan was out of town for the summer, but she and I were staying strong in NH (at least for a few more days for me, weeks for her).  We ended up being very lucky that both of our husbands were in town the week of July 4th so no babysitters needed!  We got pedi's, and bbq'd with her family.  Strawberry Shortcake and all....yum.   Thank you Miss Maren for making me feel so loved.