Wednesday, January 27, 2010

8 months...already?

So I know I just did a post about Brixton...but he turned 8 months yesterday, and I couldn't help but do another one.....

Here's what he's up to lately....

Look what I learned to do at Grandma's house last month (7 months old) ! That's right....I'm sitting up! (it's about time!)

Obsessed with the jumper. Pure joy on that little face. (Thanks to my friend Colleen for lending it to us!) He has stayed in that thing for an hour (multiple times!)

He is also trying SO SO hard to crawl. It's so cute to watch...until he gets mad about it. He uses every little ounce of energy, and every little muscle to try to really move around. He can roll, and wiggle around on his belly like it's nobodies business....he gets up on his hands and knees, and rocks back and forth...but isn't quite there yet. I'm actually fine with it....We are in no rush for this kid to grow up!

He's also figured out SPITTING, and thinks it is the greatest thing ever. Has almost got the pincer grasp down, is noticing when we're eating and he isn't, loves to hang out in just his diaper, is sleeping well,and overall seems to be a pretty happy kid. We're so lucky that he's ours.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Little Chat with Damon

So a friend of mine (Rachelle) periodically does little "interviews" with her kids - to find out what kind of things they are loving at that stage of life. I think they are hilarious, and have been meaning for at least a year to copy her. So she did one recently which reminded me....

Favorite Color : Green

Favorite Book : Roger the Racer

Favorite Game: Memory Match

Favorite Toy: Remote Control Optimus Prime

Favorite Movie: Mr. Incredibles

Favorite Song: Rock A Bye Baby

Favorite Breakfast Foods: eggs

Favorite Dinner Foods: mac & cheese (how embarassing!)

Other kids think that I am : nice and helpful

What do you like about your mom? she's wonderful, she does great things for me (I promise that is a direct quote)

" " " your dad? Takes me like to football stadiums and goes to work and gets money done.

" " " Brixton? That he eats healthy, that he makes me feel good, and he smiles at me.

" " " yourself? that I get to go places with my dad

When I grow up I want to be : I want to be a football guy that plays football

I like learning about: skiing, biking

I want to go to : Football stadium

That's all for now. (yes, Rachelle, I copied every question). I tried to come up with my own...but wasn't too creative.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

What I've Learned...

In the past 8 months .....I have learned ....that...

It's incredibly easy to eat super super healthy, when it is for the health of your growing baby....but that once the healthy baby is is very hard to eat super super healthy, when it is just for me.

that I can function off of 3 hours of sleep.....

It really is possible (and natural and easy) - to love your second child as much as your first....

that doubling the number of kids you have, also doubles the amount of love in a home....

how much I love these huge blue eyes.....

that it is absolutely just fine if you don't feel like moving around that much....take your time! I love your mellow, but very happy, little personality

what an amazing, helpful, overbearing, loud, rough, but sweet big brother Damon can be

Boy - do I love you. Every chubby little roll of you

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


For those of you who read Tara's blog, I'll apologize. ALL of these pics were stolen from her. Thanks T!

Brixton and Carter....cute little baby cousins
Damon and Brayden in their handsome matching little suits. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!
Christmas morning, Daria, Cooper, Damon and Brayden
My sister Rach, and Mike....cheese!
Nothing cuter than my dad with his two new grandsons! Brixton's smile looks a little evil!

4 of the grandkids....Daria (the only granddaughter), Brayden, Damon, and Carter

Sweet Daria
Carter and Brixton in their cute hats from our good friend Judie. She is so talented!

My sister Tara, her husband, and their oldest boy, Brayden.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

That's my boy...

Damon - on the lift. I heard that he is quite the little skier. Mike slacked at taking pictures, which he feels horrible about so I won't go on about how bugged I was...but here are the few that he did take. And video's either. :(

I love this one
Break time - time for a snack

So Mike really did give up a lot of his own ski time to go and ski with Damon, which I'm sure Damon will one day be very grateful for. (What a good Daddy)

Since we got back from Utah Damon has told us repeatedly that he doesn't want to live in Maryland, he wants to live in Utah so that he can ski. He also cried when Mike finally had to return his rental ski's. Oh how sweet...

A Few More....

The best part of the trip for me was Brixton getting to meet his grandpa's. Both Grandma's came out this Summer....(even though he's basically a totally different kid now) - it was great to see my dad hold one of his new little grandson's for the first time

My dad with my two boys

Love it. I love how Brixton grasps onto my dad's fingers.

We ventured out on a FREEZING cold night to check out the lights. Luckily you can make it around the grounds in about 15 min.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Utah Trip Christmas 2009

Well...I will start out as I always do after our trips to Utah...mad at myself for my lack of picture taking! What was I thinking!? Seriously....couldn't be more bugged at here's a little glimpse into our Christmas morning at Grandma and Grandpa's.

Just before all the madness...
Damon was actually very patient, considering that he of course woke up at 5:30 am - obviously still on east coast time....and had to wait a couple of hours until everyone was awake...

me with my parents....felt like such a kid!

We were also able to spend Christmas morning with my little sister and her cute little family, who were also staying at my parents house. Here's a random pic of them. It was so much fun to watch our little kids open presents together.

Yeah for Seinfeld Trivia...I failed at this game, but my mom, sister, and bro-in-law sure didn't! My mom is so cute

classic face

Damon was hilarious all morning, saying things like "OOOHH!!! Just what I always wanted! " - "This is what I've been wishing for!", "This what I've always needed!"...each gift (including new socks) was treated as if it was a pot of gold. It was so much fun to watch his little face light up.

need I say more?

Later in the morning my other two siblings came over with their little families, we had a big brunch, opened more gifts, and spent some fun times together. I'll have more pics from the trip to come....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

East Coast Storm 2009

Mike and Damon were invited to our friends cabin (second home) down at the Wintergreen Resort in Virginia, to break in their ski's during the massive East Coast storm that hit the weekend before Christmas. They drove for 5 hours (would have normally been about 3 hours without the storm) - and skied the next day in the blizzard. Not the best weather for skiing (white out conditions) - but they all still had a good time.

Because of how bad the roads were the night before, the friends that invited Mike and Damon over, didn't even make it to their own house. They stayed in another city on the way down in a hotel, while Mike and Damon were sleeping in their house. This picture was taken when they finally all met up with each other Saturday afternoon....Such cute little friends
deep snow. As for you Utahn's, I know this is not that big of a deal to you...but this much snow is HUGE deal around here!

game time
the trail they dug out to the hot tub...yes, the little boys did cannon balls into the hot FREEZING weather
the house
snow piling up....

By the way - Brixton and I also had a wonderful, relaxing weekend....spent sleeping, cuddling, and making Christmas cards. It was actually really relaxing not being able to leave our house.