Monday, April 9, 2012


First....I just LOVE this picture. It was a gorgeous night, after a week of fabulous weather.....and all my boys were sitting on the porch reading their respective books
Second....these two have just been killing me with their sweetness lately.....

Holiday Inn Express - Boston. Thank you. :)

crafty crafty

3 hour bus ride home after a really crazy night....
Just loving being brothers. love it.

Tuck Winter Carnival

Every year Tuck hosts a big Winter Carnival for surrounding MBA schools to come and, and ski.
ski racing at Whaleback. Same place where Damon had all of his ski lessons.
sumo wrestling in the snow!
Liz and I in our 80's gear....although mine is covered up. It was COLD!

family pic....not the best...but it's been a while since we actually took one!

More snow. :)

I know, I know...this storm was in February, but I'm just blogging about it now. It was a good one. Damon's not in any of these pictures....because if there is snow - chances are that he and his dad are gone for the day skiing. :)

snow soup?
Brixton and sweet Sophie

seriously LOVE my neighbors


Brixton was feeling overly photogenic on this particular day.