Thursday, February 25, 2010


Here's to hoping that these two boys will always love each other as much as they do in this picture.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

An Incident.... many of your kids have rolled off of your bed? many of them BROKE THEIR LEG because of it? Okay, Brixton didn't actually break his just looks like he did because of the cast. He has what's called a "bone buckle". It's just a little bend in his bone (femur) and he can't put any pressure on it without major pain. I'm grateful for my husband who, according to the nurses at the Emergency Room, had "great daddy instincts", and didn't really agree with them when they said that he was fine. So they took an x-ray, and he was right! There was definitely something wrong.

He just had a splint (which he wiggled his leg out of twice) for the first couple of days until we got into see the orthopedic pediatrician.

By this'd really never know that anything was wrong with this kid unless you saw the cast on his leg. He's isn't fussy at all, and if he's uncomfortable, he definitely keeps it to himself. He's such a good kid.

He is still trying to crawl even with a cast on.

The best part of it all....I think this cast is weighing him down enough that he's sleeping through the night again! Have you ever seen a kid so happy to have a big old cast on his leg! It should be off in a month.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Finally! A video of Damon skiing

Mike and Damon went skiing with some of our good friends last Saturday. Mike couldn't stand not
skiing after the huge storm out East and although the "hills" are not comparable to the mountains in Utah..they still had a great a time. (Except for waiting in super long lines).

Mike said this hill is actually much steeper than it looks in the video. Go Damon!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm ready....

okay, now this is my getting down to business face....

I am ready. Ready to say goodbye to sugar.
I've been frustrated. I've been depressed.
But something hit me last night, and now I am ready.
Being a mother of two has not been that big of an adjustment,
except for the fact that I don't take as much time to take care of myself as I should.

So here I go.
Back to the diabetic diet that caused me to only weigh 6 lbs more when I gave birth, than I weighed before getting pregnant.
Back to the (more expensive) sugar free pudding, protein with every meal and snack, looking at the clock to know if it's time to eat,
and not randomly grabbing a stupid pack of fruit snacks just because.

I'm ready.
Wish me luck

My thought process is that if I blog about this, than I hold myself much more accountable for actually following through. Let's hope I'm right.

Monday, February 8, 2010


The snow storm that hit us over the weekend was the biggest snow storm EVER in Washington DC.

The pictures speak for themselves....

snow! snow! snow! - Damon really is in his little heaven
look closely - That is a car's side mirror right next to Damon. He played with his sweet friend Cindy for 4 hours out there!
our lovely parking lot. Love how the snow plow blocks all the cars in?
The pics of Damon and I were taken Saturday morning - it continued to snow for another 9 hours after this
this pine tree outside our door made a cool little tunnel
snow up to my thigh
the view out of our doorway

church cancelled (2 weeks in a row), schools cancelled for days, grocery stores closed, post offices closed, 200,000 people in the area without power, (we were very lucky) has been pretty insane around here. This morning I went out to warm the car up for Mike, and all the car doors were frozen shut. I finally got one of the back doors open, crawled into the front seat, and still couldn't open either front door from inside the car.

Mike also had a good time yesterday heading up a huge snow removal project with the snow plow truck guys, and a bunch of neighbors. We were knocking on doors to get people to move cars so the truck could move snow.... I wish I had a video of him. It was hilarious. People were so grateful for him. I felt like I should have been out helping, but Brixton has had a bad we just stayed warm inside.

For as much drama as these storms cause around here, it is exciting that we lived here during such a historic storm!

We're supposed to get another 5 inches tomorrow.