Thursday, December 2, 2010


Lately I've been feeling pretty lucky to have these two little guys in my life. I realize that I have those days when I take things for granted...but I've been trying to appreciate every hug, conversation, snuggle, kiss, "love you's" and moment that I get to hang out and care for my little guys.

Oh sweet Damon. You are hilarious, fun, brave, caring, and have an infectious personality.


You are oh so sweet....sure do love you.
You are so much fun, and extremely photogenic
Your brother LOVES you so much, and wants to be wherever you are, and doing whatever you are doing....

I love how much these two love each other.

My darling are the HAPPIEST kid I have ever known. You find so much happiness in any stuffed animal, book, bite of food, toy, or anything else for that matter. You love to cuddle, dance, hum, growl, and laugh at your big brother....

I love that EVERY morning when I sit down to eat my cereal, I suddenly have a little friend trying to climb on my lap to enjoy it with me. (picture taken this morning)

And even with an ongoing ear infection (going on for more than 2 months, seeing an ENT next week) - you are still the most pleasant, well behaved, mellow, happy, child. You even smile at me while pulling on both ears...just dealing with the pain. I sure do love you too.