Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Things we do.....3

We see Dad a little more often than we used to.
We make amazing new friends
We have block parties. Yes. I love it.

We hang out on a lot of porches, every single day, for hours at a time. (the kids play, the moms sit on porches)
We go to antique shows, and buy awesome jewelry
We go to many Tuck events, and EVERYONE now knows Damon. Not kidding. It's a little weird.
We also go to a lot of Tuck events, and hang out. We love Livy
We wear rain boots, a lot.

Things we do....2

We go to lakes

A family from church invited us over for dinner, and they have this awesome pond (miniature lake if you ask me) in their backyard. It was so much fun.
view from their deck

Mike had fun too. :)

Things we do in New Hampshire....1

We go berry picking
apple picking too, but no pics of that

The boys catch frogs. GROSS

Monday, September 12, 2011


Just a few of my new, amazing, thoughtful, beautiful, fantastic New Hampshire friends.
After only a few weeks we already let ourselves into each other's houses, have each other over for dinners, football games, playdates, girls nights, to borrow ingredients, or whatever else. Can't wait to spend the next two years adding to that list!

Family Pictures....

While we were in Utah, it was time for another family picture. You just don't realize how quickly kids grow up until you look back at pictures. Mike and I were looking at pictures of Damon from only a year ago, and he seemed so small back then compared to now. I'm always up for getting new family pics taken!

These pictures were taken at the house and barn where my grandpa grew up. My Uncle Frank continued to live in my grandpa's childhood home until last December when he passed away. This barn is very near and dear to my families heart. It's where my dad spent most of his childhood, working on the dairy farm. It was a lot of fun to be there to take pictures and to think about all of the amazing memories that my dad has there.

We aren't sure if we even got one picture where everyone is looking at the camera....but this was as close as I could find. Between closed eyes, wiggly kids, and girls fixing their was hard to find one!
My parents with all the grandkids. This was ROUGH. Thanks to Brixton, who recruited Max to have a freak out session with him.
Then a plane flew by and cheered the little guys right up.
this is the corral, where the cows used to eat. My dad thought it'd be cute to get all the kids in the corral for a picture. The shadows made it a little tough to get a good one, but the kids had fun climbing around.
My little sis and her fam

My big sis and her fam
My big bro and his fam

another one of us.
my sweet parents. I just love them.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our new place....

So...some of you know how small our previous apartment was....some of you don't. I tried not to brag about it for fear of embarrassment, but if you knew how small it was, then you'll be very excited to see pictures of our new place. It is a duplex, but it still more than twice the size of our previous place.

This picture has a good view of the neighborhood behind us, and the porch that we love. There's also a lot more grass on the other side of this sidewalk and fun neighbors with lots of kids. I'll have to do a blog about our daily playdates with the neighbors.

We can actually have people over now! These are pics from Mike's birthday dinner

yea for a new house, and new awesome friends!

Friday, September 2, 2011


Mike, Damon, and Mike's brother Daniel went on a little backpacking trip while we were in Utah. They hiked 4 miles in and camped by a lake. I'll admit I was a little impressed with Damon's ability to hike 4 miles in one day, then 4 miles out the next. They only took a couple of pictures.....

Grandpa's Little Helper

It's moments like these that put a big smile on my face.

We stayed with my family for a few weeks during out trip to Utah, and during that time we were able to help my Dad, who most of you know is blind, work in his garden.

I absolutely loved to see Damon's excitement and willingness to help his Grandpa. Damon talked about how it was such hard work, how much he enjoyed it, and most importantly how he loved helping his grandpa.

Damon also helped pick raspberries, he picked peas, and helped me weed the garden. He loved finding slugs, spiders, and snails! gross.

I just hope and pray that he'll be offering to help when he's 15!