Tuesday, April 28, 2009

To Good Friends

Just a quick picture of us with some of our closest friends.  Our great friends Chris and Kelli had us, and some other good friends, Deb and Rob, over for Easter dinner.    Rob and Deb have an awesome little boy Bobby, who has become one of Damon's best friends....and Damon is getting some big brother training by playing with Chris and Kelli's 4 month old baby boy.  

We are so grateful for the awesome friends that we have out here in Maryland.   Yeah! 

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Promise My Husband is a Smart Guy...

So, to help explain my lack of picture taking....which leads to a lack of blogging...here is a perfect example of the issues we have with our camera.  The screen is totally out...so we never know if the pictures we are taking will even work.  The battery also doesn't last long (not more than one outing).  But one green light still lights up - even when the battery is dead, so we  think  its working, when it isn't.....
long story short....
This is Mike attempting to take a picture of Damon and I...not knowing that it was clicked onto "video"....We just thought these two very short videos were hilarious.  

Friday, April 10, 2009


For those of you who have been asking and asking for a picture of my pregnant self....here you go.  Totally not exciting, but here it is.   We still have a busted camera, and I am shocked every time I plug it in and the pictures I took actually appear on the computer...so we have been super unmotivated to take many pictures lately....but here's what we've got. 

A lot of you have also asked about how the gestational diabetes thing is going.  Honestly...the hardest part is just having to think about what to eat, when to eat it, where I'm going to be 2 hours from when I started a meal (that's when I check my blood).  I am learning really good eating habits that will help me throughout my life.  I find myself cooking more, planning better meals, and even Damon is eating things that I never thought he would!  That is probably one of the best parts of all of this!   I've learned that there are a lot of delicious sugar free options for treats.  I was such a "grazer" before, just snacking on whatever whenever I felt like it, and it's been nice to have that under control...and just not let myself do it!   

Checking my blood 4 times a day (pricking my finger) really isn't that bad.  Especially considering how terrified I have been of needles my whole life.  Luckily the needles I use are teeny-tiny, which helps.   

I also wanted to say how grateful I am for everyone who has show so much love and concern for me through all of this.  I was a pretty big mess for a while, and quite the stress case.   Being pregnant is hard enough this time around for me, and I took it really hard when I had these extra issues to deal with....but I am hoping a praying for a strong healthy baby, and I'm grateful for my friends and family who have listened to me vent, cry, get mad, and cope with it all! 

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our Boy on his NEW BIKE!

Here's our little guy riding his new bike.  We went to the bike shop, he climbed on, and almost immediately took off on his own in the store!  Even though he has been riding the pedal-less bike for a year and could completely balance on it, I was still nervous and a little skeptical about having him try a new bike without training wheels.   I just couldn't imagine him on such a big bike, doing it all on his own.   But...here he is!  See the video below! 

I am still using our broken camera...so I, once again didn't know if any pictures or videos were going to work.   That's why I sound like such a dork, always hoping that the video is working!