Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back from the Outer Banks!

random pics from our amazing trip to the Outer Banks in North Carolina.  I, of course, didn't get as many good pictures as I would have hoped...but here are a whole bunch of what I did get pictures of.  We stayed at a beach house with 5 other families.  It was a blast to be there with so many people, and so many kids! ....It was probably one of my favorite vacations that we've been on.    (Pics are totally out of order)
yes, we felt very cool at this point of the trip....cruising in the express lanes while everyone else in the city was in did eventually catch up with us and we still ended up in major traffic...but when I took this, we thought we were the coolest! 
 My boy and me, at the beach after the bonfire  (our last night there)                Yeah dad, thanks for the smore!
 more of everyone's kids at the bonfire...

first day at the beach

a small fraction of the kids at the house...damon, madeline, christian, piper

the group going crabbing...

 Mike - the lone crabber...but he caught a few! 

Damon with his new friend....the crab

Someone might have brought a water balloon launcher....

Damon with a new talent...cruising around on a razor scooter

 Twinners Damon and Andrew jumping on Andrews bunk bed...


Monday, August 11, 2008

M & M 's

Just a quick little post....This is not about me loving m&m's...because I don't...what I do love about  them is that they are a perfect little treat for Damon...He thinks that getting 3 little itty bitty m&m's is the greatest treat ever.  It's a fun treat for him, but it's also a treat that I don't ever feel bad about him having.  We got a big bag of m&m's at Christmas time....and it isn't even close to being gone (is that gross? They aren't stale, so I don't think its gross).  

Saturday, August 9, 2008


I love watching sports....which means I LOVE THE OLYMPICS.  I wish that they were on all day....because I would watch them.  I love all the hype, all the behind the scene stories about the athletes, the medal ceremonies, love it.  I went to some medal ceremonies when the Olympics were in Utah and thought it was such a cool thing to be a part of.  

I love Walsh and May-Treanor.  I have been watching them for years  and years.  They are rad.  (I'm watching them right now!)

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Best of Friends

I know I've done a few posts about Damon and his sweet little friend Taylor....but I haven't done one lately...  Most of you know she is the sweet girl that I babysit a few days a week.  I just have a few cute pictures of them from the other day.  

Today Damon said "Mama, I love you, and Taylor's my best friend".  It was so cute.  
                                  Wrestling....I love the look on their faces.  Damon is taking her down! 

The crash landing....they hit the floor and were laughing hysterically.  It was so adorable.  
                    Too cute for words.  

Sunday, August 3, 2008

One of Our Favorite Things

Why is corn on the cob SO GOOD?! 

                                  YUM!  YUM!