Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall in New England....

So look at these pictures, and think of how pretty they are, then times the prettiness by 10! These pictures do not do it justice! They were all taken so randomly, usually with my phone, and they really do just show a fraction of how gorgeous it is here in the Fall.

obviously taken from our car! on the way to church....
view from my bedroom window
view from dining room window. I LOVE this tree!
This is just across the river in Vermont. These colorful hills go on forever!
view of our house....with the gorgeous pink tree! It's been a beautiful fall! (We had 6 inches of snow yesterday.) :(

Damon and Maddie...sitting in a tree.....

When we came to New Hampshire in April we met a fantastic family....who happened to have a 5 year old daughter Maddie. .... her sweet mom, my good friend, Tiffany, and I started to joke about how our kids would fall in "love" when they met.....Little did we know....that they actually would!

okay okay....really....they are 6 years old now, and love may be a strong word...but they're definitely in "like". They used to sneak out into the forest together, they started a club in our back yard..made signs, secret codes words, and maddie may or may not have given Damon his first kiss! ;)

Damon and Maddie @ Mascoma Lake
digging in the rocks....
on the way to the bus stop, last Friday....1st snow storm

August, 2011. Dr. Seuss Museum
car drive home from the museum....they were making each other laugh so hard...they were also fighting like a married couple on this drive home. It was hysterical.
first day of school....I don't think she was mad at Damon....I think another kid said she couldn't play on the play ground.....I just love this picture though!

a lovely hike to Boston Lot Lake
the best thing about Maddie is how well rounded she is! She's as sassy and sweet as a princess....yet, definitely keeps up with these boys! She's such a tom boy, always collecting bugs, chasing butterflies, playing in dirt...etc...while looking like a mini-super model!

We are so glad that Damon has a friend his age here (they are the two oldest kids in the neighborhood) - and I don't think we could have ended up with better friends!

Friday, October 14, 2011


We all know that October means it's time to pick pumpkins! We met up with a bunch of friends at Riverview Farms, and chose our pumpkins, ran through the corn maze...and ate some apples. yum! This is definitely starting to become one of our favorite places!

I love this picture

love this one too.