Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Brixton turns 3!

I decided that after 2 years of very underwhelming birthday celebrations.....(going out to dinner with friends is actually a perfect birthday celebration in my eyes) - but it was time that I actually throw this little guy a party, and make him feel as special as we know that he is.  It was so much fun.  We had a bbq with many of our Tuck and other New Hampshire friends....we grilled burgers and hot dogs right at the neighborhood grill, and stole toys off of our neighbors porches for the kids....It was hot outside, but we had some shade which helped.  

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 I definitely think that he felt special....when we sang Happy Birthday I was really worried that it would be too much attention, and that he would panic....but he soaked it all up, goofy smile and all.   We love this kid, his gappy smile, and his cooky personality.  We are so grateful for our amazing friends who have truly become our family up here in New England, and who helped us celebrate this fun day with Brixton!

New York City!!!!!

The process that Mike went through of applying, interviewing, traveling, find a summer internship .....was, well, sort of crazy.  To put it lightly.  There were rejections, offers that didn't feel quite right, more interviews....and right at the perfect time, an offer to work in New York City, for the holding company, Loews Corporation.  Not to be confused with the home building company...although we love home improvements!  
He will be working with the Vice President of Corporate Development on their acquisitions.....(whatev), and started YESTERDAY!  It's a little strange for him to be in NY for the next 10 weeks.  It will be a little rough around here, but it will definitely force to put my best mommy foot forward and step up the fun since mr. fun dad won't be around.  It's also nice that NY isn't really THAT far away.  It's a little road trip, or a bus ride home for him.  He'll probably be home every other weekend or so....if his work hours allow.  He found a good little place to live while he is there, close to the trains, and it is in a good part of town.   I'm really excited for him, even though he doesn't find it nearly as exciting as I do.  He says he is just there to work...I guess being a husband and father of 2 limits your desire to check out New York night life.  Haha. 

                                                 I'm really proud of him.

The Sachem Bear

When we first moved here....we heard about people seeing a bear last year walking around the soccer fields once, or twice....but then winter came, and no one really talked about it anymore.  Until now. Up until last week, people have been seeing this family of bears (a mom, and three cubs, and at least one other adult bear) every single day.  Every day.  These trees in the pictures are directly behind my good friends house.  Which is about 75 yards away from our house, or less.   A couple of weeks after Mike took these pictures, I finally saw the bear(s).  One of them was literally 5 feet away from another friends back door....this was about 30 feet away from my back door.  They have even ventured into the neighborhood, crossing streets and everything.  

                              The cubs hang out in this that little crack in the middle.

It's been a little nuts....but now that people have moved their trash cans off of their back porches, the issue seems to have gone away (or moved on)....but it was CRAZY to be outside, and know that a black bear might just show up, at any moment.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I've been quite the slacker at blogging lately....but to be honest, we have settled into New Hampshire so well, and we are on a pretty normal schedule....and there hasn't been anything extremely exciting going on lately....but we did have a couple of fun Easter egg hunts, and some classic egg dying (which is a favorite in our house) here are a few pics of our cool boys.  

 I love when Damon grasps onto his big brother melts my heart. 

a bed head, Sunday morning, successful Easter basket hunt. 

btw, when did blogger change?  this is so jacked up. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lake Winnipesaukee Half Marathon

On May 12, I ran my second half marathon ever.  A friend from church, who is an AMAZING runner.....told me about the race, and I told a few other friends about it....we all quickly signed up, and started training....a few weeks in to the training I fell off my road bike (I'll spare you the pictures of my cut up knee)....but it was a struggle to run any legit distances in the few weeks before the race.   I was really nervous, but not nervous enough to opt out of the race.  

For years, I had heard about Lake Winnipesaukee because a lot of our friends from our church in Maryland have summer homes there (at least their parents do).... It definitely lives up to its reputation.  It was an amazingly beautiful place to run.  

Not sure why I pinned my # onto my pants, instead of my shirt.....(i'm majorly regretting that now that I see my stomach in this picture), but whatev....I love these girls so much, and love that we were all able to run this race!