Friday, August 17, 2007

I Love My Job

Just thought I would do a little tribute to the great little kids that I babysit. I've been watching a little girl named Taylor two days a week since January. She will be 2 in December, and is such a perfect little friend for Damon. They always have so much fun together and I feel so lucky to be able to stay home and take care of Damon. I need to write down this fun memory from the other day.....Damon and I had talked about Taylor coming to play the other day, and he set aside a specific toy to share with her, we heard a knock at the door and he ran to get the toy...when we opened the door, Taylor was standing at the door with a special toy to share with Damon....they both traded toys and screamed each other's names with such excitement. Taylor's mom (Sue - who I love) and I were so excited at how proud and excited they were to be sharing with each other. The opportunity to babysit her came at the right time for us, and I feel so blessed. A couple of weeks ago I also started watching a little 3 month old the other 3 days of the week. Her name is Madeline, and Damon just loves her. Madeline's mom (Debbie) is the sister of our good friend, Scott Huguely. It is fun to see Damon interact with such a sweet little girl. Here are a few pictures of the cute little girls and our little guy.

Damon and Taylor

Eating together! Having a blast


Madeline and Damon

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Damon - The Climber

So Damon has now discovered how to climb out of his crib....There isn't much to write about it - except that I am now dreading the realization that I already have to put him in a bed. He just turned 2! Is that normal? The funny thing is that Tuesday morning my girlfriend was telling me not to put him in a bed until I have to (they are struggling with their 2 year old adjusting to a bed)...and that night...what do you know...i'm sitting on the couch reading a book, and I hear his bedroom door open. Here's the little climber.....

ta - dah!

A Weekend Trip

Last weekend we went to Bethany Beach, Delaware with some of our very good friends, Scott and Jenny Huguely. Scotts parents have a great beach house there and we were so lucky to be able to go there for a nice relaxing weekend. They have become some of our closest friends out here and we really enjoyed the little weekend get-away with them. We took the kids to the beach, then to a great place so appropriately called "Fun Land". Damon and the Huguely's little boy, Michael, had a blast. Here are some pictures.....

Damon loving the sand!
Mike digging a hole with Damon and Michael
Damon and Michael - the fighter pilots
Mike and Damon on the car ride (it goes really fast!)
Damon and Michael riding on the motorcycles
Damon on the swings

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Family Vacation

This Summer we were able to go to Utah (me and Damon), Seattle (Mike), and then we met up in Southern California for our actual "Family" Vacation. Mike was auditing a hotel in Newport Beach, so Damon and I flew out and stayed at that hotel for a few days, then headed further south and stayed with our ever so gracious friends, Chantel and Carl. Damon had a blast with their two adorable little boys, Crew and Jax. We were also able to visit with my good friend Jaime and her husband Josh (who was actually in the accounting program with Mike at BYU), they have a little girl named Jadyn (we're all keeping our fingers crossed - hoping she's Damon's future wife). During our trip we made it to the beach 4 or 5 times, to the San Diego zoo, Coronado, and Balboa Park. We were so grateful for our friends hospitality and for just being
able to spend time with them! I know there are so many....but I hope you enjoy the pictures!
(Chantel - like you said - I can't believe that we didn't take any pictures together! )
Damon and Crew eating their lunch

The little couple in La Jolla

Like father like son
Damon - a little scared of the ocean

Damon and Crew in Carlsbad

Damon sneaking a kiss while at the petting zoo

Jaime and I with our little ones at the Zoo

East Coast

So Mike and I are going on our third year on the East Coast. I like it here, Mike loves it here. I love that we've been able to go on so many little road trips to New York, New Hampshire, Connecticut, etc...while we've been living here. I absolutely miss my family and friends in Utah. But I am absolutely loving our time here and loving the people and the experiences that are coming our way.
I am still figuring all of this blogging stuff so bear with me....I am looking forward to posting about our little family and our friends.