Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dave and Busters!

Okay,  I totally forgot about this post...I did it forever ago, and just realized I never posted it!  Fun!  So a while back we met Mike's cousin and her husband, Heather and Chris, and some other good friends who we met through Mikes cousin, Dana and Richard, for dinner and games at Dave and's half restaurant...and half huge was a lot of are some pics....

                            Chris and Heather
Dana, Richard, and their sweet little girl Sienna
                        For some reason, Damon had fallen asleep in the car on the way there....he was so tired at dinner...

but definitely woke up in time for Skee Ball! 
So much fun! 

Sienna - a super serious boxer
Damon running away when I told him it was time to go
We walked through the mall afterward, and here is Damon and Sienna taking babies on a walk through PB kids.  

Friday, April 25, 2008

Congratulations David and Wendy!

Last week we were lucky enough to go back to Utah for Mike's brother's wedding.  He married Wendy Walker, a girl he met at BYU - Idaho.  They are a really cute couple.  They both come from big families, and they are actually both twins!  weird!  It was a great trip...and of course...I can't believe I didn't take more pictures! 

just a cute picture of the groom's twin brother, Daniel
                                             Mike and I ...and some wedding cake. 

Damon and his awesome Aunt Jenny!  She played and played and played with him!  She was so helpful!  Damon cried and cried when we finally left the reception....he just wanted to play with Jenny!  
                             Mike's wonderful parents, Lisa and Tom

 Damon and his cousin Daria, just goofin' around at Grandma's house

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

And to wrap it all up....

Damon had such a fun week...the zoo, numerous trips to his favorite parks, and to wrap it all up....Mike and his good friend Chris took Damon golfing with them on Saturday morning...(just 9 holes)...he got to ride in the golf cart, and even hit a few balls with his little golf clubs.   Mike said he had sooo much fun.  Then they were off to pick up some lunch, and off again to the Nationals v. Braves game.  Mike got some great tickets through his work for free, and Mike's cousin, Jared was able to join them.
That night we all met for dinner at our good friends house, the Huguely' the guys could watch the Masters. 
Mike and I were talking that night and I made the comment that that might have been the funnest day of Damon's life.  It was great for me to know that they had such a great "guys day".   Damon so lucky to have such a great Dad.  When I was pregnant with Damon I used to tell Mike that "if I could pop out a 3 year old, I would..."...and after that day with Damon I think he gets it now.   I would have been sad that I wasn't with them...except that my good friend Kelli and I headed out Saturday morning to the outlets malls. We had our girls day, and they had their guys day...and everyone had a blast!    

7th Inning Stretch...Yeah!

What a day!  

More of our FABULOUS week!

So my good friend Jackie and I finally got the kids out to go and walk around the Cherry Blossoms...but instead of going downtown to the festival, or parades, we just walked across the street from our apartments to this incredible neighborhood - full of absolutely beautiful trees and was so much fun!  I really love Spring...and I don't know any place that is prettier than Washington DC in April

Taylor, Damon, Elise, and Elijah
Elise and Elijah....yes, we might have stopped in front of some random house to take pictures...haha

For some odd reason, Damon decided to be super shy while we were taking pictures.  Taylor and Elise were obviously the opposite. 
                                       My sweet shy boy  

                                 Very photogenic Taylor  
We ended up at a park, and look who randomly just happened to be there...Damon's good friends, Michael and Nicholas Huguely
That was soooo exciting for them. 

Jackie and her sweet boy Elijah

                Alright kids...definitely time for a beverage! 

Damon and Michael...still thirsty....they're so cute

Friday, April 11, 2008

National Zoo Trip

Wow...What a week!  The real fun started on Wednesday with a trip to the National Zoo, which included a birthday party for Damon's good friends Elise and Kiara.  There was pizza, watermelon, birthday cake, and best of all...all of Damon's best friends.  It was at least 70 degrees, (I even got a sunburn), and we had so much fun!  What a great day!   (pictures are a little out of order).  

                     Damon and one of his best little friends, Andrew, checkin' out the sloth bears

                     Tiana, and her adorable girl the birthday party

                  all the kids who actually eat pizza hangin' out...notice Damon is not in this group

A super cute panda bear eating some branches

                      Damon climbing on the pot of tomato sauce at the Pizza Park

the two birthday girls, Kiara and Elise

           Don't I look cute and skinny hiking up this massive hill?  Yeah right...that's my awesome friend Alexandra.  I wish I looked that good!  

Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Fun Outing...

The other day Mike bought Damon his first little kite.  Damon couldn't wait to go and get it in the air!  Just our luck, during the time of day that we took him to the park, the wind completely died we had to improvise....see the video at the end of the post.  Don't mind my yelling....It was truly exciting!  I couldn't hold it in!  

                                                               My two guys going to find the right spot to fly the kite
                                                               Damon ready to help his dad

Such concentration....

                                        Just playin' around

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Out with the Old, and in with the New!

Jobs - that is....For those friends and family who are interested....Mike started a new job this week with Aronson & Company, (  He works for a small part of the company called Aronson Capital Partners.   He learned a lot while working at PricewaterhouseCoopers, but after almost 3 1/2 years, was ready to move on.  He came home from work yesterday, and said with a huge smile on his face " I didn't do any accounting today!".   I'm so proud of him and grateful for what a hard worker he is.  He is a great provider for our little family and I just love him. Thanks honey!