Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mount Snow

The third week in June Mike came home from NY for the weekend, and we were determined to spend Saturday together as a whole family....even if it meant that Brixton and I had to join Mike and Damon on a mtn biking outing (2 hours away in Vermont).  I did my best to be a good, supportive wife and mother.....and it turned out to be a really fun day.  We went to a resort called Mount Snow, and it happened to be the Northeastern States Finals for some crazy mountain bike it was a busy, fun place to be. 

 Damon was ready....full face helmet and all. 
 A short rest?  yes please. 
 This was my view for literally HOURS that day. Walking around dirt roads and trails with Brixton while the other two rode the chairlift up and rode their bikes down. 
 one more break time.  :)
 Waiting in line for the chair lift. Brixton thought he'd sneak right in. 
Mike and Damon riding the chairlift up.  Not sure if you can really see them or not.  :)


Tiffany Toronto said...

Yeah for Holbrooke blog updates!! I love that you took the boys hiking down into Quechee gorge and then canoeing down the conneticut river. I definitely need to add those two on my list of things to do when Jesse FINALLY gets back in town. Love ya girl!

alexandra said...

You guys do such fun, adventuresome things iwth your kids! I can't believe Damon is already such a good mountain biker. What a cool kid he is!

Ammon and Tara said...

That looks like fun! It's crazy how much Brixton looks like Mike in that pic of the two of you.