Friday, January 25, 2013

A Ski Lesson...For Me?

Lots of pics...well....because we are cool. 

My dear friend, Maren, and I....we, uh... well we both grew up minutes, yes minutes from multiple ski resorts on in the Rocky Mountains of Utah.  Greatest Snow on Earth Utah,  Yet, neither of us ever skied until January 2013, in Vermont.  (I put skis on once a few years ago, but I say it doesn't count because I don't feel like I did a thing except attempt to walk around in them)

 There was a great deal at Sugarbush Ski Resort for first time got a full lesson, and chair lift pass for $29.   We  agreed we had to do it.  Together.

the only time either of us part was that she was just standing there not moving, and lost her balance.  

aahhhhh!!!!  A real chair lift!  

Maren was killing it by the end, and rode the chair lift at least three times....I on the other hand, rode it once, and was literally terrified, scared for my life, and swore that if I went any faster that I would end up with a broken limb.  (Apparently I wasn't even going that fast, but I swear it felt so much faster!)

Overall, it really was a super fun day.  I'll definitely feel more comfortable next time I take a lesson.  :).  and Yes, there will be a next time.

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